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June 13, 2020
10:00 am - 10:50 am

Anna Tso and Joanne Lo: Writing and Illustrating Hong Kong Stories Age 5-12

Have you ever read any picture books about the city you are living in? Today Anna Tso reads aloud from her award-winning Hong Kong Stories series, a collection of five English picture books featuring original stories about subjects such as Hong Kong’s street snacks, Hong Kong animals, and the Cantonese language. Anna is joined by illustrator Joanne Lo to talk about how they created these fun and original books. See how many familiar places and things you can spot in Anna’s stories and Joanne’s pictures!

你們有沒有閱讀過任何關於你居住城市的圖畫書?Anna Tso 會朗讀她的得獎香港故事書系列,當中包含五本關於香港街頭小食、香港的動物以及廣東話的原創書本。插畫家Joanne Lo 會與Anna一起分享他們如何創作這些有趣的原創書。讓我們一起看看會否在他們的圖畫書裡找尋到熟悉的地方和事物!

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Anna Wing Bo Tso is an associate professor who has over ten years of English teaching experience at various universities in Hong Kong.

Joanne Lo was born in Canada and raised both in Toronto and Hong Kong.