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November 03, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
JC Studio Theatre, Fringe

Alternative Lifestyles 「非人」生活

With the support of Creative New Zealand


In a capitalist society where we are always told to want more, New Zealand hunter Miriam Lancewood and polar explorer Adrian Hayes all chose to explore alternative lifestyles. Lancewood proposes a radical return to a primordial lifestyle in which humans live and work in union with nature. Adrian Hayes pushed human boundaries and walked all the way to the North Pole and South Pole and summited Mount Everest and K2. Multi-disciplinary storyteller Edward Gunawan will be moderating this session.

在這消費主義當道、人們永不知足的年代,紐西蘭荒野獵人Miriam Lancewood和極地探險家Adrian Hayes選擇了與眾不同的生活模式。Lancewood提倡實踐原始天人合一的生活方式:搭弓箭狩獵、拾乾柴為薪、以森林樹冠為篷、以青苔綠蘚為榻。Hayes更曾徹底挑戰大自然給人類的底線,徒步到南北極,又先後登上珠穆朗瑪峰和喬戈里峰。本節目由說書人Edward Gunawan 主持。


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Dutch born Miriam Lancewood lived for 7 years with her husband in the New Zealand mountains.

Adrian Hayes is the author of One Man’s Climb: A Journey of Trauma, Tragedy and Triumph on K2, an account of his two recent attempts on the world’s notorious second-highest mountain.