Young Readers Festival 2023 ANNOUNCEMENT

December 19, 2022

This year’s programme has been carefully curated to include talented artists who create for kindergarteners all the way to secondary and beyond. Our lineup is as diverse as our bustling city of Hong Kong. Battle of the Books authors, Jaimal YogisVivian TruongSarak SukChristina Matula and Weng Wai Chan are coming. We have international superstars like UK illustrator Emily Gravett who has delightful award winning books of her own and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in Children’s Literature. David A. Robertson, who is elevating the voices of underrepresented Indigenous Canadians with his best selling work that spans genres and age. Chris Cheng the much loved Australian writer who shares his experiences and multi cultural background through his celebrated books. Prolific Japanese fantasy writer Sachiko Kashiwaba who has been captivating her audiences for four decades. This is only a hint of the exciting authors who will join us in 2023, we have a vast representation that aspires to be appealing and reflective of the inhabitants of our city and the broader world.

To take part and build excitement around reading and literacy in your school, please download our PDF and booking forms to register.

NOTE: If you are a secondary school we will have more events for students 14 + when we announce our adult line-up. Keep an eye out for an additional programme in late January.