Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival has joined hands with Xplore!

April 16, 2021

A great book or story is the perfect way to engage a young mind, and the secret to getting your kids to expand their horizons is to make them fall in love with reading! The Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival has joined hands with Xplore children’s academy to bring a fun-filled programme to Lee Garden 2 throughout the weekend of 1-2 May 2021.

Held annually, the Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival is a celebration of creativity, creating unique opportunities for young people to meet some of the world’s greatest storytellers. This year, the festival has teamed up with Xplore to bring authors such as Joanne Li, Suzanne Younan, Bhakti Mathur, Rachel Ip, Pirate and Dove Tales Theatre to Lee Gardens, where they will share their works with young Xplorers! The two-day event is open to all Xplore members aged 4 to 8, and will feature a myriad range of fun and educational book-reading sessions and workshops designed to help young minds learn about the world, and discover the fun of reading. Each Xplorer will also receive a special edition tote bag with two selected books at the end of the class.

Join the authors in venturing through their carefully crafted stories, whilst discovering the world and themselves along the way. They can also get inspired by getting your hands and legs busy through these creative workshops.

View the full line up of events here


每年「香港國際青少年讀者節」都為兒童及青年帶來世界各地的作家及創作者,送上鼓舞人心的故事。今年,青少年讀者節與Xplore合作,把一眾創作者帶到利園,包括Joanne Li、Suzanne Younan、Bhakti Mathur、Rachel Ip、Pirate和Dove Tales Theatre,他們會與各位小Xplorer分享他們的創作及故事!為期兩天的活動中包括饒有趣味的閱書會,以及創意十足的工作坊,適合4至8歲的小朋友參加。每位參加的 Xplorer於活動結束後更會獲贈特別版的環保袋及故事書兩本,在家中延續閱讀的樂趣!