Festival tickets on sale!

October 22, 2020

Tickets for Hong Kong International Literary Festival 2020 are on sale!

This year, the festival will take place from 5th to 15th November, and it will run as a hybrid festival of live and online events. Our 20th edition theme ‘Present Tense/Future Perfect’ invites literary talents from around the world to explore in fiction and non-fiction how the world is responding to issues such as health, inequality and climate change, as well as possible future directions for humanity and the planet. Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott will discuss their latest book, The New Long Life: A Framework for Flourishing in a Changing World, and panels will examine issues such as the future of US politics and US-China relations, racism in Asia, the world post-COVID-19, and the future of food. Other highlights include a series of book talks and film screenings featuring local filmmakers, and Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee discussing her book, Be Water My Friend: The Teachings of Bruce Lee. Novelist Romesh Guneskera who took part in the first festival in 2001 will join us again, and Hong Kong born poet Marilyn Chin and her iconic work, Urban Love Poem, will close the festival, with Chin and local and international poets reading their own urban love poetry.

There are more brilliant events to come! For more information regarding our programme and multifarious events, please visit our event link for full details. If you are interested in purchasing tickets for this year’s festival, please go to TicketflapFor more benefits – free tickets, discounts, V.I.P lanyards, lounge access, named acknowledgement – become a donor today!


這年文學節的主題為“此刻緊湊,展望完美”,並將於5/11 – 15/11舉行。屆時將採用現場直播和在線上活動的混合模式舉辦超於70項活動。文學節也非常榮幸能邀請到來自世界各地的作家和演講者,以小說和記實文學形式探討世界各地如何應對健康、不平等和氣候變化等問題,以及人類和地球未來的前境。Lynda Gratton和Andrew Scott將談論他們的最新著作—The New Long Life: A Framework for Flourishing in a Changing World,其後討論小組會就著美國政治、中美關係的未來走向、亞洲種族主義、疫情過後的世界、食品的未來等議題進行議論。其他重點活動包括亞洲協會址舉辦的一系列讀書會及電影展播,包括由李小龍女兒李香凝講解她的著作 Be Water My Friend:The Teachings。曾參與2001年首屆文學節的小說家Romesh Guneskera亦將回歸今屆盛典。出生於香港的詩人陳美玲將朗誦其代表作Urban Love Poem,而其他本地及國際詩人亦會朗誦他們以城市愛情為題的詩作,為今次盛典作結。

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