August 23, 2019

Take a look at our seventh round of authors who are joining the 2019 HKILF!

Helen Zia

We are excited to present Helen Zia, an award-winning journalist and Fulbright Scholar. Her most recent and famous work is Last Boat out of Shanghai. As a daughter of immigrants from China, she is outspoken on issues of civil rights and women’s rights and is devoted to countering hate violence and homophobia.



Liu Heung Shing

Also joining us is Nury Vittachi,  a journalist and author based in Hong Kong. His works include the comedy-crime novel series, The Feng Shui Detective, published in many languages around the world. He has also composed numerous non-fiction works and novels for children. He is the founder of the Asia Literary Review, the Hong Kong International Literary Festival and the Man Asian Literary Prize.

努雷維塔奇是一位駐港新聞工作者兼作家,其作品包括多部紀實文學和兒童文學,以及被譯為多國語言並在全球出版的犯罪喜劇小說集《The Feng Shui Detective》。他亦是《Asia Literary Review》、香港國際文學節和英仕曼亞洲文學獎的創始人。


Jeong You Jeong

 Known as ‘Korea’s Stephen King’, Jeong You Jeong‘s novels are popular as raw material for films. Shoot Me in the Heart premiered in theaters in 2015, Seven Years of Darkness in 2018. Her latest work, The Good Son, is scheduled for film adaptation. She recently released a book of interviews called Jeong You-jeong, Tell About A Story (2018) and a new novel named Jini, Jinny (2019).

1966年生於咸平郡的金柚井有「韓國的斯蒂芬·金」之稱。因其劇烈、現實的敘述風格,其小說在韓國成為炙手可熱的電影改編素材。《朝我的心臟開槍》在2015年公映,《Seven Years of Darkness》2018年公映,而她最新作品《The Good Son》的電影改編也已提上日程。她最近發佈了一部名為《Jeong You-Jeong, Tell me A Story》(2018)的採訪錄,以及新小說《Jini, Jinny》(2019)。


John Lanchester

 Born in Hamburg in 1962, John Lanchester is a regular contributor to the New Yorker. He has written four novels - The Debt to Pleasure, Mr Phillips, Fragrant Harbour, and Capital - and two works of non-fiction: Family Romance, a memoir; and Whoops!: Why everyone owes everyone and no one can pay, on the global financial crisis. His books have won the Hawthornden Prize, the Whitbread First Novel Prize, E.M Forster Award, and the Premi Llibreter, been longlisted for the Booker Prize, and been translated into twenty-five languages. 

1962年生於德國漢堡的John Lanchester是《紐約客》的定期撰稿人,著有四部小說-《The Debt to Pleasure》《Mr Philips》《Fragrant Harbour》和《Capital》-及兩部紀實作品:《Family Romance, a memoir 》和有關全球經濟危機的《Whoops!: Why everyone owes everyone and no one can pay》。其作品曾獲英國豪森登獎、惠特贝瑞小說一等獎、E.M.福斯特獎和Premi Llibreter獎,入圍布克文學獎,並被譯成多達二十五種語言。


Melanie Mununggurr-Williams

Melanie Mununggurr-Williams is the 2018 Australian Poetry Slam Champion. She is a Djapu writer from Yirrkala in East Arnhem Land, and one of about 4600 speakers of Yolnu-Matha. Her first poetry book is being published by Penguin in 2020. Melanie recently toured North America including Banff Art Centre, Blue Metropolis Festival in Montreal and the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York City.

Melanie Mununggurr-Williams是一位來自東阿納姆地區的作家。她的第一本詩集將在2020年被企鵝出版集團出版。Mununggurr-Williams最近於北美洲進行巡迴演出,表演場地包括班夫藝術中心、蒙特利爾的Blue Metropolis Festival和紐約的Nuyorican Poets Cafe。


Harry Josephine Giles

A writer, poet and performer from Orkney, Scotland, Harry Josephine Giles has toured North America, giving feature performances at venues from the Bowery Poetry Club to the Soho Theatre; won multiple slams including the UK Student Slam (2008), the BBC Scotland Slam (2009), the Glasgow Slam (2010); and been published multiple journals. Their current touring show is Drone, a poetry, video and sound show about technology, gender and anxiety.

來自蘇格蘭奧克尼群島的作家、口述藝術詩人兼表演藝術家Harry Josephine Giles在北美進行過巡演,在知名的鲍威利诗社和SOHO劇場都有過重點表演,也曾獲多項口述藝術比賽獎項,包括英國學生口述藝術大賽(2008)、BBC蘇格蘭口述藝術大賽(2009)、格拉斯哥口述藝術大賽(2010),亦在多項書刊上發表過詩歌作品。 Harry Giles現正巡迴的演出名為《Drone》,是一場結合詩歌、影像和聲音的表演,主題有關科技、性別和焦慮。


Page Richards

Page Richards, Chair of Interdisciplinary Theatre and Creative Writing at HKU, received her Ph.D. from Harvard University and MFA from Boston University. Her interests include poetry, creative writing, life writing, drama, and the history and practice of performance and theatre. She is the founder and director of the HKU Guild and the HKU Black Box.

Page Richards在哈佛大學取得了博士學位,也在波士頓大學獲得了藝術碩士學位。她現任香港大學跨學科戲劇和創意寫作主席。她的興趣廣泛,涉獵範圍包括詩歌寫作、創意寫作、生活寫作、戲劇和表演與戲劇的歷史。她是香港大學Guild和香港大學黑盒劇場等多個 組織的創始人及主管。


Arne Jysch

Born in 1973, Arne Jysch studied in Hamburg and Potsdam. Now living in Berlin, he works as a storyboard artist, comic artist and lecturer for storyboard at the Film University Babelsberg. With Der Beste he has produced an award-winning short film and participated in the “Filmmasters Program” in Hollywood. Wave and Smile was his first comic. His graphic novel Der nasse Fisch – English title: Babylon Berlin – based on the crime novel by Volker Kutscher became a bestseller.

雁‧約瑟,生於1973年,於漢堡及波茨坦修讀傳意設計與動畫。他現居柏林,是一位故事板家、漫畫家,以及柏林波茨坦電影大學的講師,負責故事板創作的科目。憑《Der Beste》雁‧約瑟製作出一齣得獎短片,並參與了荷里活的「電影大師項目」。《Wave and Smile》是雁‧約瑟的首部漫畫創作。他的圖像小說《Der nasse Fisch》(英譯:Babylon Berlin,中文暫譯:巴比倫柏林)改編自霍格‧冠察(Volker Kutscher)的犯罪小說,榮登暢銷書榜。