August 19, 2019

Take a look at our sixth round of authors who are joining the 2019 HKILF!

Jonathan Fenby

We are excited to present Jonathan Fenby, who has published twenty books on subjects ranging from China to France and the Second World War. His most recent work is Crucible. He held senior positions at major newspaper companies, including The Economist, The Independent and South China Morning Post.



Nury Vittachi

Also joining us is Nury Vittachi,  a journalist and author based in Hong Kong. His works include the comedy-crime novel series, The Feng Shui Detective, published in many languages around the world. He has also composed numerous non-fiction works and novels for children. He is the founder of the Asia Literary Review, the Hong Kong International Literary Festival and the Man Asian Literary Prize.

努雷維塔奇是一位駐港新聞工作者兼作家,其作品包括多部紀實文學和兒童文學,以及被譯為多國語言並在全球出版的犯罪喜劇小說集《The Feng Shui Detective》。他亦是《Asia Literary Review》、香港國際文學節和英仕曼亞洲文學獎的創始人。


Belle Ling

 Belle Ling is a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at The University of Queensland. Her first poetry collection, A Seed and a Plant, was shortlisted for The HKU International Poetry Prize 2010. Her poems also appeared in Meanjin, Overland, Mascara Literary Review, World Literature Today and Cha: An Asian Literary Journal.

凌愷晴現於澳洲昆士蘭大學攻讀創意寫作博士學位。她第一本詩集《A Seed and a Plant》在2010年入圍香港大學國際詩歌獎。她的詩作曾發表於《米安津雜誌》、《Overland》、《Mascara Literary Review》、《今日世界文學》及《茶:亞洲文學季刊》。


Cristina Rivera Garza

 Cristina Rivera Garza is an interdisciplinary scholar and an award-winning cross-genre author. Her recent publications include The Taiga Syndrome and The Iliac Crest. She is a Distinguished Professor of Hispanic Studies at the University of Houston and the founder of the first PhD course in Creative Writing in Spanish. She holds a PhD in Latin American history.

Cristina Rivera Garza是一位屢獲嘉獎的跨學科學者。她最近發表的作品包括於2018年被雪莉·傑克森獎提名的小說《The Taiga Syndrome》和《The Iliac Crest》。她是休斯頓大學的西班牙語研究教授,亦開創了第一個西班牙語創意寫作的博士課程。她持有拉丁美洲歷史的博士學位。


Tomoka Shibasaki 

Born in 1973 in Osaka, Tomoka Shibasaki began writing fiction while still in high school. Her work was shortlisted for the Bungei Prize in 1998. Her first book, A Day on the Planet, was turned into a hit movie. Spring Garden won the prestigious Akutagawa Prize in 2014 and was translated into eight languages, including English.

柴崎友香於1973年在大阪出生,自年少時起鍾情於寫作,高中時期就開始寫小說。她的作品在1998年入圍野間文藝獎。她的第一本書《日出前向青春告別》被改編成一部轟動一時的電影,而她的《春之庭園》在2014年贏得了大名鼎鼎的芥川文學獎,並被翻譯成八種語言 。


Sally Bunker

Born in the UK in 1949, Sally Bunker came to Hong Kong with her family thirty years later. She was a former school principal and a keen naturalist. She changed her career and dedicated her time to botanical painting in order to record the beauty of the local flora scene. After years of studying and honing her artistic skills, she was awarded the Fellowship of the UK Society of Botanical Artists.

Sally Bunker於1949年在英國出生,30年後舉家來到香港。她曾是一位學校校長和博物學家,後決定改行成為藝術家,通過創作植物水彩畫來紀錄香港植卉的美。她現為英國植物藝術家協會成員。