August 07, 2019

Take a look at our fourth round of authors who are joining the 2019 HKILF!


John Boyne

We are excited to present John Boyne, the author of eleven novels for adults, six for younger readers, and a collection of short stories. His 2006 novel The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas sold more than 10 million copies worldwide and has been adapted for the cinema, theatre, ballet, and opera. Boyne has won three Irish Book Awards and many other international literary awards and his novels are published in over 50 languages. His most recent novel, My Brother’s Name is Jessica, was published in April 2019.

本屆文學節很榮幸請到約翰·伯恩,他著有十一部成人小說、六部青少年文學及一部短篇故事集。他的小說《穿條紋睡衣的男孩》在2006年出版,在全球售出超過一千萬本,並被改編為電影,戲劇,芭蕾舞劇和歌劇。他曾獲三項愛爾蘭圖書獎及多項國際文學獎,其小說更以多達五十多種語言出版。他最近的一部小說《My Brother’s Name is Jessica》已於2019年4月出版。


Sinéad Gleeson

Also joining us is Sinéad Gleeson, whose essays have been published in Granta, Winter Papers, and Gorse and Banshee. Her short stories have been published in Repeal the 8th and Being Various: New Irish Writing (Faber). She is the editor of three short story anthologies, including The Long Gaze Back: an Anthology of Irish Women Writers and The Glass Shore: Short Stories by Women Writers from the North of Ireland, both of which won Best Irish Published Book at the Irish Book Awards. Her debut collection of essays, Constellations: Reflections from Life focuses on the body, art and motherhood. She is currently working on a novel.

另一位嘉賓Sinéad Gleeson的文章曾發表於《Granta》、《Winter Papers》、《Gorse》和《Banshee》。她的短篇小說也刊登於《Being Various: New Irish Short Stories》和《Looking at the Stars》,而她的詩歌也入選各種詩集,包括《Autonomy》和《Reading the Future》。她曾和作曲家兼製片人的Stephen Shannon合作一個名為《Your Chroma》的朗誦藝術表演,而她在今年將和他繼續合作《Constellations》。今年她在都柏林大學任駐留作家,教授藝術和文學的碩士課程。她正在創作一部小說。


Matt Ottley

Matt Ottley is an internationally acclaimed multi-award winning artist, working equally across the fields of literature, visual arts and music. Matt has had more than thirty-five picture books published and awards include the CBCA Picture Book of the Year, the Queensland & NSW Premiers Awards for literature and the International IBBY Australia Illustrator Award. As a composer Matt is collaborating with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, The Literature Centre, and Yamaha in a multi-modal project called “The Sound of Picture Books”, in which he composes music for his picture books. In 2014, he was made an Endorsed Yamaha Artist for his work as a composer.

Matt Ottley是一位國際知名,獲獎無數的藝術家,他的作品橫跨文學,視覺藝術和音樂領域。他已經出版了超過三十五本圖畫書並獲得包括CBCA年度圖書獎、昆士蘭和新南威爾士州總理文學獎和國際兒童圖書評議會澳大利亞插畫師獎之內的眾多獎項。作為一名作曲 家,Matt正和西澳大利亞交響樂團,文學中心和雅馬哈合作一個名為《The Sound of Picture Books》的多模態項目。他在這個項目中為一本圖畫書編曲。在2014年,他以編曲家的身份成為了雅馬哈代言藝術家。


Kit Fan

Born in Hong Kong, Kit Fan moved to Britain at 21. He is a poet and fiction writer. His first book Paper Scissors Stone won the inaugural HKU International Poetry Prize.  His second collection As Slow As Possible is a Poetry Book Society Recommendation and chosen by the Guardian as one of the biggest books in 2018 and The Irish Times as Best Poetry Book of the Year.  He was shortlisted for The Guardian 4th Estate BAME Short Story Prize consecutively in 2017 and 2018.  He won a 2018 Northern Writers Award for Diamond Hill, a novel in progress.​

范進傑是一位詩人和小說家,他出生於香港並在21歲時搬去了倫敦。他的處女作《Paper Scissors Stone》榮獲了首屆香港大學國際詩歌獎。他的第二本詩集《As Slow As Possible》是一本詩歌圖書協會推薦書目,被衛報選為2018年最驚艷的書之一並被《愛爾蘭時報》選為年度最佳詩集。他在2017至2018年連續入圍 4th Estate BAME短篇小說獎。最近,他憑正在寫作中的小說《Diamond Hill》獲得2018年 Northern Writers‘ Award。


Miriam Lancewood 

Dutch born Miriam Lancewood lived for 7 years with her husband in the New Zealand mountains. They never stayed long in one place, but moved around like nomads, they slept in a tent, cooked on fires and Miriam learned how to hunt with bow and arrow and later with a rifle. They lived by hunting wild animals and gathering edible plants. Their life is about embracing insecurity and stepping into the unknown. Miriam’s recent book Woman in the Wilderness talks about their adventures, philosophy, and insights. The book became quickly popular and is now translated into Dutch, French, German, and Chinese. 

Miriam Lancewood和她的先生在新西蘭的荒野裡「流浪」了長達七年。他們從不逗留而四處遊牧,居住在帳篷裡,用火煮飯並且Lancewood還學會了如何用弓箭和來福槍狩獵。他們靠打獵和採集衛生,而他們的生活在於擁抱不安全以及踏入未知。她在近期新作《我的原始 生活》中陳述了他們的冒險、生活哲學和獨到見解。該作品現已譯成荷蘭語、法語、德語及中文。


Shelley Wood

Shelley Wood’s short stories have appeared in a range of Canadian and international journals and have won her the Frank McCourt prize for Creative Nonfiction, FreeFall Magazine’s fiction prize, and Causeway Lit’s award for creative nonfiction. Born and raised in Vancouver, she divides her time between her role as Editorial Director at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation in New York City and her home in Kelowna, Canada. Her first novel, The Quintland Sisters, debuted at the top of the Canadian bestseller list.

Shelley Wood的短篇故事曾刊登於一系列加拿大和國際期刊並為她贏得Frank McCourt創意虛構文學獎,《FreeFall》雜誌的小說獎和銅鑼灣文學創意寫作類的獎項。在溫哥華出生並成長的Shelley Wood將她的時間分散在當紐約市心血管研究基金會的編輯主任和她在加拿大基隆拿的家中。她的首部小說《The Quintland Sisters》登上了加拿大暢銷書榜榜首。