Announcing Our Third Round of Authors!

August 02, 2019

Pico Iyer

We are excited to present one of our headliners this yearPico Iyer. He is the author of two novels and thirteen works of non-fiction, including long-running reader favourites such asVideo Night in Kathmandu, The Lady and the Monk, The Art of Stillness and Autumn Light. An essayist for Time Magazine since 1986, he has been a constant contributor to more than 250 periodicals worldwide, including The New York Times, the Financial Times, Vanity Fair and National Geographic. His four recent talks for TED have received more than 8 million views so far.

我們很興奮能與您分享今年的重點作者之一Pico Iyer。他著有兩本小說和十三本非虛構作品,包括暢銷書《Video Night in Kathmandu》、《The Lady and the Monk》、《The Art of Stillness》和《Autumn Light》。自1986年來, 他一直任職《時代雜誌》的評論家,並為全球超過250家期刊撰稿,包括《紐約時報》、《金融時報》、《名利場》和《國家地理》。他最近的TED演講已經獲得了超過八百萬收視。

View our video feature of some of Pico Iyer’s brilliant photographs taken during his travels.


Luke Wright

We also welcome Luke Wright, a poet and theatre-maker, who writes from the sidelines about small-town tragedies and national farce, then performs his work with snarl and spit. His play What I Learned from Johnny Bevan won a Fringe First Award for new writing and Luke also won a Stage Award for Acting Excellence. His latest book of poems is After Engine Trouble (Rough Trade Books, 2018). It won The Saboteur Award for best pamphlet and is into its second edition.

同時我們也歡迎Luke Wright,一位詩人與戲劇製作人。在他創作城鎮悲劇或國家鬧劇時,他總是先以局外人的眼光清晰、冷靜地進行寫作,然後再用熱情四射、全身投入的方式表演。他的舞台劇《What I Learned from Johnny Bevan》因新穎的創作收穫了Fringe First Award,又因出色的表演贏得了Stage Award。他最新的詩集《After Engine Trouble》在2018年由Rough Trade Books出版,並以最佳小冊子贏得了Saboteur Award,如今已有兩種版本。


Moe Clark

Métis performing artist Moe Clark draws from multilingual lyricism to create meaning rooted in personal legacy. She facilitates creative workshops, produces festivals and mentors indigenous youth. With two albums of words and music, a bilingual book of poetry, multiple videos and over 100 performances, her work is known worldwide. 

跨領域梅蒂斯藝術家Moe Clark通過多語言抒情的方式從個人經歷中找尋意義。她舉辦創意寫作工作坊,舉辦各種藝術文化界並為當地青年人提供指導。她的作品為世人所知:有兩張專輯,一本雙語詩集,眾多視頻和超過100場表演。


Sato Moughalian

Winner of the 2013 Ramon Llull Prize for Creative Arts, Sato Moughalian is a flutist, artistic director, and writer. In April 2019, Redwood/Stanford University Press published her biography of her grandfather, Jerusalem ceramicist David Ohannessian. Collaborating frequently with living composers, especially with Perspectives Ensemble, she explores and contextualizes the works of composers and visual artists. Join her in her discussion of memoir and biography this fall!

撒托穆嘉蓮是一位長笛手、藝術導演和作家。她多次在演奏中與尚在活躍的作曲家合作。她是Perspectives Ensemble樂團的藝術指導總監。她於2013年獲得拉蒙·柳利創意藝術獎。


Thanhha Lai

Lastly, Vietnamese-born Thanhha Lai is the author of Inside Out & Back Again, a National Book Award and a Newbury Honor-winning novel based on her first year in the United States, as a ten-year-old girl who spoke no English in 1975. In her real life, she was a refugee in Alabama, the United States after the war. Also the author of Listen, Slowly and most recently, Butterfly Yellow, she will be talking about refugee journey and the process of writing. 

最後,我們向您介紹賴曇荷,一位出生與越南,當今居住在紐約上州的作家。她的作品包括《再見木瓜樹》和《十二歲的旅程》的作者,前者更獲得紐伯瑞榮譽書獎及美國國家圖書獎。她最新出版的小說名為《Butterfly Yellow》。