2021 Young Readers Festival Schools Pack Now Available!

March 05, 2021

Every spring, HKILF brings writers to Hong Kong schools from around the world, creating unique opportunities for young people to meet some of the world’s greatest storytellers. To celebrate ten years of the YRF in April we are offering an expanded, flexible programme of events in English and Chinese. We are delighted to launch a new partnership with Bring Me a Book Hong Kong, which will make the programme more accessible to local students by including more Chinese language authors and events.

每天春天,香港國際文學節都會邀請世界各地的作家到香港學校分享,讓年青人與一眾出色的作家見面和交流。為慶祝香港國際青少年讀者節舉辦十周年,我們策劃了一系列以英文和中文舉行的活動,活動規模比以往更大,安排亦較靈活。 我們很高興與書伴我行(香港)基金會展開夥伴關係,讓本地學生輕易取得活動資訊,包括了解更多中文活動。- Catherine Platt (Festival Director, 文學節總監)

Chinese language authors include Dai Yun from Singapore, Lin Po Ting from Taiwan and Feng Zikai Award winners Huang Li and Yu Liqiong from China, as well as Shana Cheung from Hong Kong. The YRF is also delighted to feature Hong Kong authors Bhakti Mathur, Rachel Ip, Suzanne Younan, Martha Keswick and Mariko Jesse. The wide-ranging programme features several authors with books on the Hong Kong 2021 Battle of the Books List, including Dan Gemeinhart, Cynthia Kadohata, Emma Carroll and Diane Magras. Other authors and illustrators include Newbury Honor winner Victoria Jamieson, New Zealand Book Awards recipient Craig Phillips, Maurice Saxby Award winner Deborah Abela, creator of the Newsprint graphic novel series Ru Xu and ever-popular Chinese Calendar Tales author Sarah Brennan with her new book, Storm Whale. Mark Llewellyn Evans returns with his musical extravaganza, The Academy of Barmy Composers, and Hong Kong youth theatre company, Dove Tales Theatre, will offer student theatre and creative writing workshops.

Another highlight this year is that two popular authors will appear in one-off events available to all Hong Kong schools. Graphic novelist Jerry Craft will share drawings and stories from New Kid and Class Act, his funny and heartbreaking take on fitting in at Middle School, while historian and translator Julia Lovell introduces a new generation of fans to one of world literature’s most memorable superheroes, Monkey King. Her new translation of Journey to the West has received rave reviews, including by Junot Diaz, who said this “magnificent new translation becomes its own cloud somersault, its own gold-hooped staff.”

“The mission of the Young Readers Festival is to motivate and inspire young people to engage with all aspects of the written word,” Platt explained. “In 2019 we worked with more than 40 schools, reaching over 10,000 students, and we hope to exceed that in 2021. Thanks to Bring Me a Book and our flexible event formats, schools and teachers have many new ways to participate in the festival this year.”

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香港國際文學節很榮幸邀請到中文書作家參與活動,包括新加坡作家戴芸、台灣作家林柏廷、香港作家張韻珊,以及兩位豐子愷兒童圖畫書獎得獎者–中國作家黃麗和余麗瓊。另外,本地作家Bhakti Mathur、Rachel Ip、Suzanne Younan、Martha Keswick和Mariko Jesse亦會與大家見面。本屆香港國際青少年讀者節的規模甚廣,一些著名作家如Dan Gemeinhart、Cynthia Kadohata、Emma Carroll及Diane Magras均受邀出席活動,他們的著作是2021年閱讀比賽Hong Kong Battle of Books的推薦書藉。其他受邀作家及插畫家包括紐伯瑞獎得獎者Victoria Jamieson、紐西蘭圖書獎得獎者Craig Phillips、Maurice Saxby Award得獎者Deborah Abela和《Newsprint》圖畫小說系列作家Ru Zu; 此外,《Chinese Calender Tales》熱門童書系列作家Sarah Brennan會介紹她的新作–《Storm Whale》,而兒童戲劇達人Mark Llewellyn Evans亦會再次參與讀者節; 香港青年劇團–Dove Tales Theatre將會舉辦創意寫作和戲劇工作坊,讓學生參加。

另一方面,兩大著名作家將會出席數項一次性活動,所有香港學校均可參加,這是本屆香港國際青少年讀者節的另一大亮點。圖畫小說作家Jerry Craft將會分享《New Kid》和《Class Act》的故事情節和插畫,以及訴說以往適應中學生活的不愉快點滴。歷史學家和翻譯家Julia Lovell會向新一代書迷介紹世界文學的經典傳奇角色–超級英雄孫悟空; 她的英譯本《西遊記》面世後大獲好評,連名作家Junot Diaz也大讚道:「這部翻譯作品就像筋斗雲和金剛棒一樣絕妙。」