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We are delighted to bring four of the authors from our original YRF line-up directly to you at home.

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Mark Llewelyn Evans: The Thrilling Story of Opera with the Academy of Barmy Composers Age 5-12 (and anyone who loves music!)

Featuring Mark Llewelyn Evans

Program aired: 3rd Jun 2020, 1:30 pm - 2:20 pm HKT

Opera singer Mark Llewelyn Evans presents a fun, frivolous, friendly way to discover the story of opera. Join Mark and his time-traveling Trunk on an unforgettable 500-year journey, told like never before. Go with them to Italy in 1597 to meet Professor Peri, the inventor of opera, Perfect Purcell, Too Hot to Handel, and a host of other barmy composers. Find out what Mozart loved to do in public, which composer had a parrot and a pink boa and much more, as costumes, props, music, tales and traditions unfold from the trunk. ABC of Opera is a lively exploration of the lives and music of the world’s greatest composers, that builds confidence, celebrates difference and encourages creativity.

歌劇獨唱演員Mark Llewelyn Evans會呈現出一個有趣、活潑和親切的方式讓讀者接觸歌劇的故事。讓我們一起和Mark與他的神奇行李箱時光機踏上這個歷時500年的前所未有難忘旅程!我們將會到達1597年的義大利與Professor Peri會面。Professor Peri是歌劇、Prefect Purcell 和Too Hot to Handle的發明者,同時也是其他Barmy Composers的主持人。讓我們發掘莫札特最喜歡在公眾場合做什麼、那一個作曲家養了一隻鸚鵡和一隻粉紅色的蟒蛇,還有關於歌劇的不同服飾、道具、故事和傳統。ABC of Opera 是一個關於世界上不同顯赫作曲家的生動探索旅程,在旅程途中我們能夠建立自信、學會欣賞差異和激發創造力。


Matt Zurbo: Spotting Stories Everywhere Age 5-7

Featuring Matt Zurbo

Program aired: 6th Jun 2020, 10:00 am - 10:50 am HKT

Matt Zurbo, is an author who loves making kids’ books and who sees stories and ideas everywhere he looks. He wants to show you how fun this is to do! He has written 365 children’s books in 365 days for his daughter Cielo and put them on the internet for free. Matt will share the creation of some of his stories, using cartoons, music, comedy and more, showing kids how many stories they hear, see and live every day, if they know how to spot them, and how easy they are to write down.

Matt Zurbo是一個喜愛兒童圖書的作者,他能夠在任何地方中取得靈感去編織出一個又一個生動有趣的故事。通過這次的分享,他想告訴我們他的寫作秘笈!Matt曾在365天內為他的女兒Cielo創作了365本兒童圖書,並將他們免費上載到互聯網。他會向我們分享如何利用卡通、音樂和喜劇創作,並向小朋友們展示如何輕易地從日常生活中聽到、看到的事物發掘素材,以及將他們寫成故事。

Sarah Brennan and Harry Harrison: How we made the Chinese Calendar Tales Age 5 - 12

Featuring Sarah Brennan

Program aired: 10th Jun 2020, 1:30 pm - 2:20 pm HKT

Sarah Brennan is the Hong Kong-based author of the best-selling Chinese Calendar Tales and Dirty Story series. She is joined by illustrator and political cartoonist Harry Harrison for a behind the scenes look at how they created their popular books featuring the animals of the Chinese zodiac. Hear how the stories of Run Run Rat, Chester Choi and many others came into being, and learn some secrets from an artist’s studio. Pssst – grown ups will enjoy this too!

Sarah Brennan 是一個住在香港的暢銷作家,著作包括Chinese Calendar Tales和Dirty Story系列。她和插畫家及政治漫畫家Harry Harrison將會和我們分享創作關於中國生肖故事的經過。讓我們一起看看Run Run Rat, Chester Choi 及其他書本的內容是怎樣形成,以及探究一下作者工作室的秘密吧!噓。。。大人們很可能也會對此分享感興趣呢!

Links and Resources

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使用這票券就能夠以85折購買任何The Chinese Calendar Tales系列的書本!


Anna Tso and Joanne Lo: Writing and Illustrating Hong Kong Stories Age 5-12

Featuring Anna Tso , Joanne Lo

Program aired: 13th Jun 2020, 10:00 am - 10:50 am HKT

Have you ever read any picture books about the city you are living in? Today Anna Tso reads aloud from her award-winning Hong Kong Stories series, a collection of five English picture books featuring original stories about subjects such as Hong Kong’s street snacks, Hong Kong animals, and the Cantonese language. Anna is joined by illustrator Joanne Lo to talk about how they created these fun and original books. See how many familiar places and things you can spot in Anna’s stories and Joanne’s pictures!

你們有沒有閱讀過任何關於你居住城市的圖畫書?Anna Tso 會朗讀她的得獎香港故事書系列,當中包含五本關於香港街頭小食、香港的動物以及廣東話的原創書本。插畫家Joanne Lo 會與Anna一起分享他們如何創作這些有趣的原創書。讓我們一起看看會否在他們的圖畫書裡找尋到熟悉的地方和事物!

Anna Tao’s Hong Kong Stories series can be bought via Amazon, Book Depository, and other global bookstores online. For bulk purchase, readers can contact the publisher – Alpha Academic http://www.alphaacademicpress.com/bulk_purchase-com/