The Festival would like to thank our current donors for their generous support:

Literary Sponsor ($50,000 or above) 

Literary Connoisseur ($25,000 or above) Jennie and Ivor Orchard

Book Collector ($10,000 or above) Stephen and Charlotte Lo, Angela Mackay, The Mowat Family, Robert and Lydia Petty, Silvia Pezzini and Filippo Gori, Stephen Suen, The William E. Connor Foundation c/o James Gagnon, Anonymous, Christine Van

Wordsmith ($5,000 or above) Andrea Fessler, Cori Lable, Jackeline Lam, Judith Rawnsley, Paul Tam, Simon Westcott

Book Lover ($2,500 or above) Anonymous, Martin Haigh, Alistair and Svetli Hughes, Nicolette Jaeger, The Hong Kong Writers’ Circle

Reader ($1000 or above) Anonymous, Anonymous, William Ahern, Colin Baker, Stephen Bolton, Edward Bosher, Stephanie Chan, Antony Chan, Jenny Chang, Sally Dellow, Kathryn Dioth, Andrea Fletcher, Cheryl Gilbert, Robert Grieves, Nicolette Jaeger, Akin and Jayne Jeje, Brian King, Jeremy Kirkman, Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, Julia Kuehn, Anne LeBourgeois, Kirti Marsh, Jenny McAlpine, Eavan McDonald, Nicole McMillan, Lara Melwani, Jane Michael, Dinesh Nihalchand, Fiona Phillips, Roseann Rife, Kate Rogers, Clara Tam, Stephanie Teng, Henrik Toggenburger, Cindy SM Wong

Friend ($500 or above) Anonymous, James Hossack, Jeremy Lightfoot, Susan Mifsud, Joanna Moreau, Kerry Murphy, Andrew Sewell, Edith Terry

(Donor list current as of October 2019)