The Festival would like to thank our current donors for their generous support:

Festival Sponsor ($50,000 or above)

Jim Hildebrandt

Festival Patron ($20,000 or above)

Rebecca Brosnan, Christina Matula-Hakli, Catherine McClelland, Christine Van, Winnie Tam, Cedar Education Group, Shun Hing Education, Charity Fund Ltd., and Cheng Jing Jessica

Festival Benefactor ($10,000 or above) 

Tisa Ho, Julia Kuehn, Nick Taylor, Virginia Yee, Silvia Pezzini and Filippo Gori, John Pattar, and one anonymous donor

Festival Friend ($5,000 or above)

Nicolette Jaeger, Martha Kewswick, Cori Lable, Lakshmi Mahey Laroia, Lok Man Rare Books, Jo Lusby, Shalini Mahtani, Osage Art Foundation, John and Kirsti McLean, Karl Hurst, and one anonymous donor

Festival Member ($1,000 or above)

Jenny Chang, Andrea Fletcher, Robert Grieves, Anne LeBourgeois, Melanie Nutbeam, Henrik Toggenburger, Anjali Mittal, Nancy Lee, Li Lian Khoo, Silvia Pezzini and Filippo Gori, and one anonymous donor

(Donor list current as of July 2022)