Bring Me a Book Collaboration

We are delighted to launch a new partnership with Bring Me a Book Hong Kong, who have worked with us on offering Chinese language authors and events, making the programme accessible to more students. Thanks to this collaboration and our flexible event formats, schools and teachers have many new ways to participate in the festival this year

“With all the disruption and challenges our students have faced due to school closures this past year, Bring Me a Book are so thrilled to be able to partner with the Young Readers Festival. We are excited to bridge cultural barriers with our Chinese author programme to bring joy and inspiration to more students, on their reading and writing journeys” said Pia Wong, Executive Director, Bring Me A Book Hong Kong.

Chinese language authors include Dai Yun from Singapore, Lin Po Ting from Taiwan and Feng Zikai Award winners Huang Li and Yu Liqiong from China, as well as Shana Cheung from Hong Kong. 

Founded in 2006, Bring Me a Book Hong Kong is an award-wining literacy charity with a vision for all children to be read to, strengthening family and community bonds and creating a love of learning. By providing equal access to education through their library, training and author programs, not only removes economic barriers but also leads to raising our children of today to be empathetic, enquiring and engaged leaders of tomorrow.

書伴我行 (香港) 基金會是一間於2006年成立的獲獎非牟利機構,致力讓香港每位小朋友都享有共讀的機會,令親子及社區關係得以改進、令小朋友更熱愛學習。本會透過圖書館、培訓及「與作家會面」項目來提供接觸優質教育資源的平等機會,不僅可以消除貧富懸殊的障礙,更可培養我們的孩子更富同理心及探究精神,成為香港未來的領袖。