The Schools Programme has been an essential part of the Hong Kong International Literary Festival from its inception. Every year we bring Festival authors to schools for talks and workshops, creating unique opportunities for young people to meet with the writers they love. In 2018 we worked with more than 70 schools to connect with over 15,000 students.

We strongly believe that literature should be a vital component of every child’s education regardless of his or her background and reading ability. By connecting excellent writers of international renown with young readers, we hope to promote higher levels of literacy in Hong Kong and to nurture a generation of outward-looking, globally engaged citizens.

The Schools Programme of the annual Hong Kong International Literary Festival is aimed at students aged 14 and up. For younger students, check out the Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival, an extensive programme for children aged 4 through 18.

Please note that these events are for school groups only as they take place during school hours.

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For more information, please contact Crystal Lau.