The Hong Kong International Literary Festival


  • Dominic Dromgoole , Nicholas Lander , Jancis Robinson(Top row)
    Jeffrey Wasserstrom , Jesse Oliver , Jenny Zhang(Bottom row)

  • Alexandra Ault , Chan Lai-kuen , Claire Chao(Top row)
    James Durston , Hon Lai Chu , Tammy Ho Lai-Ming(Bottom row)

  • Yunte Huang , Miles Merrill , Emma-Lee Moss (Emmy the Great)(Top row)
    Vivienne Tang , Tang Shu-wing , Ng Mei Kwan(Bottom row)

  • Mithu Storoni , Marco Wan , Tom Wright(Top row)
    Chris Song , Vicki Williams , Laline Paull(Bottom row)

  • Cheryl Strayed , Arthur R. Kroeber , Xu Xi(Top row)
    Paul French , Intan Paramaditha , Ada Palmer(Bottom row)

  • Nashua Gallagher , Adi Alsaid , Irvine Welsh(Top row)
    Guadalupe Nettel , Aisha Franz , Ivan Coyote(Bottom row)

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