The Hong Kong International Literary Festival

Stephanie Han: Swimming in Hong Kong

Stephanie Han’s debut short story collection, Swimming in Hong Kong, crosses the borders and boundaries of Hong Kong, Korea and the United States.

The ten stories within the book explore the distance and unlikely relations formed between people of different ethnicities, cultures, religions and genders. Join Han as she reads excerpts from her work and explores issues of cross-culturalism and identity.

Monday 24th July 2017
7.00 – 8.30pm
Visual Arts Centre
4/F Lecture Theatre
7a Kennedy Road
Tickets: $110 (Students: $70)

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Swimming in Hong Kong won the 2017 Paterson Short Fiction Prize and was the finalist for the AWP Grace Paley Prize for Short Fiction and the Spokane Prize.

“Stephanie Han’s Swimming in Hong Kong features precise and subtle meditationson cross-cultural experiences, from Asian Americans in the Midwest and Asia to women negotiating male-dominated worlds. Han gracefully traverses a complicated terrain fraught with the politics of race, sex, class, gender, and culture. Readers will be grateful for having spent time with these quiet and insightful stories.”
— Viet Thanh Nguyen, The Sympathizer

About the author
Stephanie Han’s award-winning debut short story collection Swimming in Hong Kong (Willow Springs/Eastern Washington University Press) won the Paterson Fiction Award, and was the sole finalist for the AWP Grace Paley Prize and the Spokane Prize. Han is the very first English literature PhD from City University of Hong Kong, and received grants and fellowships from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, PEN West, and VONA. She divides her time between Mui Wo, Lantau, Hong Kong and Honolulu, Hawaii, home of her family since 1904.


Stephanie Han 的首部故事文集《 Swimming in Hong Kong》跨越香港,韓國和美國三地。書中的十篇故事敘述不同種族、文化、宗教和性別的人之間的距離及貌似不可能的關係。Han將現場演繹她的作品摘錄,並探討跨文化主義和身份認同等議題。

《 Swimming in Hong Kong》獲今年度Paterson 短篇小說獎,同時為AWP Grace Paley 及Spokane兩項短篇小說獎的入圍作品。

「Stephanie Han 的《Swimming in Hong Kong》以精確和巧妙的方式刻劃跨文化體驗,特寫包括美國中西部及亞洲的亞裔美國人以至於父系社會受妥屈的女性。Han的故事跨過種族、性別、階級及文化的政治界限,文筆舒徐而典雅,讓讀者享受閲讀的分分秒秒。」— 阮越清,《同情者》

Stephanie Han的首部短篇小説集《Swimming in Hong Kong》榮獲Paterson短篇小說獎,亦是唯一入圍AWP Grace Paley 及Spokane兩項短篇小說獎的作品。Stephanie Han是香港城市大學首位英國文學博士畢業生,並取得洛杉磯文化部、PEN West和VONA獎學金。現居香港梅窩和檀香山的家族故居。


Photo credit: Kalei Han-Simms

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