The Hong Kong International Literary Festival

Weaving With Words

Weaving With Words

Uncle Hung has been telling stories of Hong Kong since 1994. Founder of the Nohurry Story Workshop, he builds storytelling communities that re-explore this city in which we live—its people, places and legends. In Hung’s recent cross-disciplinary project Weaving With Words, poetry and watercolour images come together to capture the once-bustling textile industry that dominated Tsuen Wan in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. Hung will discuss with Yan Liang his latest work and how storytelling reconnects us with fading snippets of Hong Kong’s history. This event is in Cantonese with English translation.

阮志雄(雄仔叔叔)於1994年創辦「慢慢走故事坊」,自此在香港講故事,培育故事社群,讓人重新認識這座城市當中的每個人、每個角落和每道傳奇。 在他最新的跨媒體作品《繑絲邊》中, 詩詞與水彩畫相應結合,重現五六十年代荃灣紡織業的輝煌盛景。雄仔叔叔將與梁研對談,分享新作,談論故事如何讓我們重新撿回香港漸逝的歷史碎片。本節目將以粵語進行,有英語翻譯。

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Date: 11-11-2017
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Price: Free
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