The Hong Kong International Literary Festival

Twin Cities / Twin Cinema

Hong Kong is a cinematic city—picture the neo-noir neon of Blade Runner and the stylised longing of Wong Kar-wai’s early works. Singapore is a city of form—rigidly planned, with a citizenry cultured to conform. The juxtaposition of these rival, twinned cities inspires twin cinema, a poetic form in two skyscraper-like columns that can be read vertically or horizontally. Editors Tammy Ho Lai-Ming and Joshua Ip will introduce Twin Cities, the first collection of twin cinema poetry in the world. They will be joined by contributors, both established and emergent, from each city.

For more info about the anthology and its contributors:

香港就是一座電影之城—從街頭巷尾總能窺見新黑色風格電影《銀翼殺手》中的霓虹燈,或王家衛早期作品中的都市風貌。新加坡則是形式與結構之城—嚴謹的城邦規劃與秩序,孕育出強調集體意識的市民。二城對倒,亦可體現在詩詞創作上,「雙城詩體」油然而生。透過「雙城詩」中獨有的「並列」形式,詩作有如兩座摩天大廈,可由上而下閱讀;若從左至右兩段行間往返閲讀,又會衍生新義。編輯何麗明和Joshua Ip將會介紹世界首本雙城詩詩集──《雙城》。兩地新晉和資深的撰稿人都將參與座談會。


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Date: 04-11-2017
Time: 15:30 - 16:30
Price: Free
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