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Mysterious Cities: The Perfect Crime Novel

Mysterious Cities: The Perfect Crime Novel

From the smoke-filled pubs of Inspector Rebus’s Edinburgh to the unnamed but precisely drawn Prefecture D of Six Four and the lurid neon lights of Inspector Kwan Chun-dok’s Mongkok, place is the element that makes or breaks many a crime novel. In this panel, crime writers Ian Rankin, Hideo Yokoyama and Chan Ho-kei join moderator Kate Whitehead to discuss how the cities of Edinburgh, Tokyo and Hong Kong have inspired their fiction; writing for international readers as opposed to their countrymen and -women; and where to draw the line between geographical truth and cliché.

犯罪小說作家Ian Rankin、橫山秀夫及陳浩基的作品分別取景三個不同城市:愛丁堡、東京、香港。雷博思探長系列裡煙霧瀰漫的愛丁堡酒吧、《64》精心虛構的無名東京「D縣」、刑警關振鐸查案的旺角霓虹街道──不同的場景可塑造不同的犯罪小說。在這個座談會,三位作家將與主持人Kate Whitehead探討城市百態如何給予寫作的靈感;為國際讀者和當地讀者寫作的不同;以及描繪當地實況與陳詞濫調之間的分別。

With thanks to British Airways for supporting Ian Rankin’s travel to Hong Kong for the Festival.

特別鳴謝英國航空公司贊助Ian Rankin到來香港參加香港國際文學節。

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Date: 04-11-2017
Time: 15:30 - 16:30
Venue: naked Hub
Price: $125
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