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Min Jin Lee: Pachinko

Min Jin Lee: Pachinko

Min Jin Lee discusses with Emily Ridge her new novel, Pachinko, a sweeping saga that follows one Korean family living in Japan over four generations. As zainichi, or foreign residents, Lee’s characters are bound to one another by deep roots even as they face a permanently tenuous existence within Japanese society. Thoroughly researched and grounded in richly imagined characters, Pachinko was hailed by the Guardian as “a long, intimate hymn to the struggles of people in a foreign land.”

Min Jin Lee: 彈珠機
Min Jin Lee 會與Emily Ridge討論新作《Pachinko》。故事敘述一個遷居日本的韓裔家庭及他們橫跨四代的心路歷程。作者以一個「zainichi」(意指「居日韓國人」)的視角書寫。她細緻刻畫的異鄉人物儘管長期身處身分認同危機,但彼此仍保有緊密動人的情感聯繫。Lee深入日本社會,小說的情節皆根據實地考察撰寫而成,配以形象鮮明的角色,被《衛報》譽為「異鄉人奮鬥的長篇頌詩」。

With thanks to the Consulate General of the United States, Hong Kong and Macau for bringing Min Jin Lee to the Festival.

特別鳴謝美國駐港澳總領事館贊助Min Jin Lee出席香港國際文學節。

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Date: 11-11-2017
Time: 14:30 - 15:30
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