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Hideo Yokoyama: Six Four

Hideo Yokoyama: Six Four

When Six Four was released in Hideo Yokoyama’s home country of Japan, it became a publishing phenomenon, selling a million copies in six days and making the author one of the country’s most famous crime writers. As much a penetrating exploration of the Japanese psyche as a “Japano-Noir” police procedural about kidnappings and cover-ups, Six Four is now, following its English translation, also making huge waves worldwide, with the Spectator describing it as “Compelling, complex, insightful: a book to be savoured.” Yokoyama talks about his career and the success of Six Four with Yoshiko Nakano.

橫山秀夫是日本最著名的犯罪小説作家之一,憑《64》於日本再掀起一陣風潮。《64》出版僅六日已售出逾一百萬本,不但是對日本精神的深入探究,也是一部牽涉綁架和秘密的日本黑色風格警匪小説。作品被翻譯成英文,在各國大受好評。《旁觀者》形容此書引人入勝、別具洞見,故事錯綜複雜,是一部值得細味的作品。橫山秀夫將與中野嘉子討論他的寫作事業和新作《64》 。

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Date: 05-11-2017
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