The Hong Kong International Literary Festival

Generation HK

Teenage activists turned politicians, multi-millionaire super tutors and artists fighting censorship—these are the stories of Generation HK. From radically different backgrounds yet with a common legacy, these young people have little attachment to the era of British colonial rule or today’s China. Instead they see themselves as Hong Kongers, an identity both reinforced and threatened by the rapid expansion of Beijing’s influence. Join Financial Times South China correspondent Ben Bland and moderator Benjamin Haas as they explore Generation HK and the struggles—bitter yet grounded in hope—taking place beneath the gleaming facade of modern Hong Kong.

本是青少年積極份子,搖身一變成為政治家;百萬富翁身為超級導師;一眾藝術家為審查制度發聲—這些都是香港新一代的故事。這代年輕人背景各有不同卻被同樣的歷史遺物所影響,他們對英國殖民統治時代或今天的中國幾乎沒有聯繫。他們認為自己是香港人,但這個身份正受到北京影響力迅速擴大的威脅。《金融時報》駐華記者白杰明和主持人Benjamin Haas將探索香港新一代面對的掙扎。

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Date: 12-11-2017
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Price: $100
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