The Hong Kong International Literary Festival

Claire Fuller: Swimming Lessons

Winner of the Desmond Elliott Prize in 2015 for her dazzling debut novel Our Endless Numbered Days, Claire Fuller has been described by the Times Literary Supplement as a “master of cadence.” Fuller appears in conversation with Jessica Valdez to discuss her career and her latest novel, Swimming Lessons, about a missing woman whose hidden letters, interspersed throughout her family’s library, slowly reveal the truth about her marriage and her disappearance.

Claire Fuller:致親愛的你
自從Claire Fuller 的首本小說《Our Endless Numbered Days》在2015年榮獲Desmond Elliott獎,她便被《泰晤士報文學副刊》譽為韻律之后。Fuller 將會與Jessica Valdez 一同探討她的事業和她最新的小說《Swimming Lessons》。書中講述到一位失蹤女子的信件隱藏在家中的圖書館裡,久而久之揭露她的婚姻和失蹤的真相。

With thanks to British Airways for supporting Claire Fuller’s travel to Hong Kong for the Festival.

特別鳴謝英國航空公司贊助Claire Fuller到來香港參加香港國際文學節。

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Date: 11-11-2017
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Price: $100
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