The Hong Kong International Literary Festival

20 Years of Hong Kong Verse

20 Years of Hong Kong Verse

In this panel, local poets Louise Ho, Nicholas Wong, Michael O’Sullivan and Chris Song will join moderator Tammy Ho Lai-Ming for a discussion of Hong Kong poetry in the 20 years since the handover. What is Hong Kong poetry? Who is writing it? What is it about? What are the restrictions and possibilities? Does Hong Kong require a particular kind of articulation? Does Hong Kong, a unique place, activate a unique language construct? How can poets and readers cross the boundary between Chinese-language and English-language verse?

一眾本土詩人將重點談論香港回歸二十年的詩作。何謂香港詩歌? 誰在書寫?香港詩歌在談論什麼、有何侷限和潛力? 地處邊陲的香港文化獨特,又是否需要發展專屬的聲韻學、能否激發新的語言架構?詩人、讀者如何跨越本港中文及英文詩作之間的差異?本地詩人何少韻、黃裕邦、Michael O’Sullivan及宋子江將與主持人何麗明在此各述己見。

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Event Details

Date: 04-11-2017
Time: 12:30 - 13:30
Venue: naked Hub
Price: $100
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