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Hong Kong International Literary Festival 2017 Press Release

Hong Kong International Literary Festival 2017 releases full programme

(Hong Kong, 7 September 2017) – The Hong Kong International Literary Festival today announces the full programme for its 2017 edition, which will take place from 3 to 12 November.

Now in its 17th iteration, the Festival continues to build its reputation in the region as both a celebration of the written word and an ever-more valuable platform for the exchange of ideas.

This year’s Festival encompasses literary fiction, thrillers, history, science fiction, mysteries, poetry, live storytelling and more, featuring a diverse slate of writers from Japan, China, Singapore, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada and the United States. Hong Kong writers and themes (including the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China) are also showcased in order to draw in a wider range of Festival attendees and to promote the work of local talent internationally.

Another key initiative for HKILF is the Schools Programme, which sends Festival writers to interact with students around the city. Last year a record 6,000 students participated in Schools Programme events. By giving students a chance to meet with thinkers and writers from around the globe, the Festival hopes to secure an audience for international literature for years to come.

Highlights of the 2017 Programme:

Mysterious Cities: The Perfect Crime Novel – Crime writers Ian Rankin (the Inspector Rebus books), Hideo Yokoyama (Six Four) and Chan Ho-kei (The Borrowed) discuss how the cities of Edinburgh, Tokyo and Hong Kong have inspired their fiction.

The Festival Gala Dinner: An Evening with Amy Tan – Spend an evening at the American Club enjoying a fine dinner and wine with Amy Tan, whose works (The Joy Luck Club, The Kitchen God’s Wife) have defined Chinese-American literature.

Lunch for Literacy with Jung Chang and Erin Ganju – HKILF and international nonprofit Room to Read come together for this literary fundraiser featuring internationally bestselling author Jung Chang (Wild Swans) and Erin Ganju, co-founder and CEO of Room to Read.

Are We Home Yet? Families and Asian Diasporas – Fiction writers Min Jin Lee (Pachinko), Jade Chang (The Wangs vs. the World) and Sreedhevi Iyer (Jungle Without Water) discuss family ties, the varieties of immigrant experience and the future of diaspora literature in an increasingly interconnected world.

Writing the Future: Technology, Dystopia and Hong Kong – Speculative fiction author (The Grace of Kings) and translator (The Three-Body Problem) Ken Liu will join nonfiction writers and scholars Alfie Bown and Jack Linchuan Qiu to discuss literature and writing in and about the technological future.

The Rise of Nationalism – Novelist Kamila Shamsie (Home Fire), Financial Times journalist Ben Bland (Generation HK) and TIME International Asia editor Zoher Abdoolcarim discuss the rising tide of nationalism that has transformed world politics in recent years.

Carol Ann Duffy and John Sampson – Much-loved British Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy brings her 14-year-long collaboration with court musician John Sampson to the Festival for a unique evening of thought-provoking poetry and exuberant music.

Ian Johnson: Souls of China – Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ian Johnson will discuss his newest book, Souls of China, a revelatory portrait of religion in China today.

Plus individual appearances by authors including Madeleine Thien (Do Not Say We Have Nothing), Claire Fuller (Our Endless Numbered Days), Ruth Ware (In a Dark, Dark Wood), Aura Xilonen (The Gringo Champion), Ken Liu, Ian Rankin, Hideo Yokoyama, Amy Tan, Jung Chang and Kamila Shamsie.

Local Writers and Themes:

Some of the events that will reflect on the 20 years since the handover and fulfill the Festival’s mission of showcasing local writers and themes include:

20 Years of Hong Kong Verse – Local poets Louise Ho, Nicholas Wong, Michael O’Sullivan, Chris Song and Joshua Ip will join moderator Tammy Ho Lai-Ming for a discussion of Hong Kong poetry in the 20 years since the handover.

Xu Xi: From Fiction to Nonfiction – Hong Kong-raised Xu Xi talks about her two most recent works, including Dear Hong Kong, a memoir written in the form of a “Dear John” letter to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Stories – An evening with the live storytelling series, which focuses on true tales told by the people they happened to, offering a striking reminder that everyone in this city has a story to tell.

PEN: Hong Kong 20/20 – Contributors will read from this groundbreaking anthology of essays, poems, fiction and artwork, published to mark the 20th anniversary of the handover.

Full List of Visiting Authors:

Jade Chang, Jung Chang, Duncan Clark, Carol Ann Duffy, Jonathan Fenby, Claire Fuller, Anders Hansson, Joshua Ip, Ian Johnson, Hiromi Kawakami, Zohab Khan, Min Jin Lee, Ken Liu, Bonnie McDougall, Helen Mort, Adam O’Riordan, Ian Rankin, John Sampson, Kamila Shamsie, Amy Tan, Madeleine Thien, Michelle Vosper, Ruth Ware, Aura Xilonen, Hideo Yokoyama, Lijia Zhang

Full List of Local Participants:

Zoher Abdoolcarim, Jamil Anderlini, Bidisha Banerjee, Ben Bland, Alfie Bown, Jennifer Brindisi, Mary Jean Chan, Antony Dapiran, Benjamin Haas, Genevieve Hilton, Chan Ho-kei, Dung Kai-cheung, Louise Ho, Melanie Ho, Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, Sreedhevi Iyer, Linda Kennedy, Frida Khan, Natasha Khan, Agnes Lam, Jason Lee, Yan Liang, Juliana Liu, Victor Mallet, Yoshiko Nakano, Collier Nogues, Michael O’Sullivan, Jack Linchuan Qiu, Blair Reeve, Keith Richburg, Emily Ridge, Kate Rogers, Ilaria Maria Sala, Chris Song, Albert Tam, Paul Tam, Jessica Valdez, Stephen Vines, Simon Westcott, Kate Whitehead, John Wong, Nicholas Wong, Xu Xi, Yuen Che-hung

Festival Event Venues:

The American Club, China Club, Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, Fringe Club, naked Hub, Pomegranate Kitchen, Sheung Wan Civic Centre, Social Room, The University of Hong Kong


Donors at Bookworm level or above will be able to purchase tickets starting from today. General public tickets go on sale on 15 September (Friday). Become a donor now to receive early bird access to tickets.

Full-time students are entitled to a discount of 50% for most Festival events. Student tickets are limited and will be available on a first-come first-served basis.

For other enquiries, please call us on (852) 2877 9770 or email us at

Official Bookseller:

Bookazine is this year’s official HKILF bookseller. Limited stock of HKILF author books are available in Bookazine’s stores across Hong Kong. You can find more information on their store locations here.

Read up on our authors before the Festival by referring to our reading list here.

About the Festival:

The Hong Kong International Literary Festival, founded in 2001, is an annual event held over ten days each autumn, featuring established and emerging writers from around the world in an extensive programme that includes discussions, literary lunches and dinners, workshops, lectures, debates, book signings and readings. We are proud to host writers from all over the world, in a variety of genres, and at all stages in their careers, from Nobel laureates to debut authors.

The Festival is organised and coordinated by Hong Kong International Literary Festival Limited, a nonprofit, charitable literary arts organisation that also manages the annual Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival.

With thanks to Edelman for the 2017 brochure front cover design. Please see our website for more details of our supporters.

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(香港,2017年9月7日) — 第十七屆香港國際文學節今日公佈節目內容,本屆文學節將於11月3日至12日舉行。





神秘之城:完美犯罪小說 - 犯罪小說作家Ian Rankin(伊恩·藍欽)、橫山秀夫(《64》)、及陳浩基(《13.67 》)將聚首一堂,暢談各自身處的城市 ── 愛丁堡、東京與香港如何啟發他們的小說創作。

香港國際文學節晚宴:譚恩美之夜 - 與譚恩美於美國會享用美酒佳餚,聽她述說往事回憶及其奠定華裔美國文學的數本佳作(《喜福會》、《 灶神之妻 》)。

與張戎和Erin Ganju 的文學慈善午宴 - 香港國際文學節與國際非牟利機構Room to Read首度合作舉辦文學慈善午宴,國際暢銷作家張戎(《鴻:三代中國女人的故事》)與Room to Read共同創始人兼行政總裁Erin Ganju討論寫作、教育及多元讀物等議題。

我們到家了嗎?亞洲家庭的移民經歷 - 小說作家Min Jin Lee (《Pachinko》)、Jade Chang (《The Wangs vs. the World》)和 Sreedhevi Iyer (《Jungle Without Water》)將於座談共探聯繫更趨緊密的時代下的移民經歷、對移民家庭的影響,以及移民文學的未來發展。

繪寫未來:科學、「反烏托邦」、香港 - 科幻小說作家(《Grace of Kings》)及譯者(《三體》)劉宇昆將與Alfie Bown及邱林川一同探討預言式科幻小説、媒體和科技研究,藉此描繪未來科技世界的模樣,及文學與評論在其中充當的角色。

民族主義的興起 - 小說作家Kamila Shamsie (《Home Fire》)、《金融時報》記者Ben Bland (《Generation HK》)以及《時代雜誌》國際版亞洲編輯Zoher Abdoolcarim將與觀眾研討今年全球民族主義的崛起浪潮,及此種思潮如何改變世界政治。

Carol Ann Duffy與John Sampson - 備受愛戴的英國桂冠詩人Carol Ann Duffy 將與她合作了14年之久的音樂家John Sampson大駕光臨香港國際文學節,與來賓共享一場發人深省的音樂與詩詞表演。

張彥:中國宗教復興 - 榮獲普立茲獎的記者張彥將與讀者細談新作《Souls of China》, 探討宗教於當代中國復興,以及對中國未來的影響。

尚有更多作者現身文學節與讀者會面,包括:鄧敏靈(《不要說我們一無所有》)、Claire Fuller(《Our Endless Numbered Days》)、Ruth Ware(《In a Dark, Dark Wood》)、 Aura Xilonen(《The Gringo Champion》)、劉宇昆、Ian Rankin(伊恩·藍欽)、橫山秀夫、譚恩美、張戎及Kamila Shamsie。



香港詩詞二十年 - 本地詩人何少韻、黃裕邦、Michael O’Sullivan、宋子江及Joshua Ip 將會與主持人何麗明共探香港回歸二十年後,香港詩作風格的變遷與內容意韻。

許素細: 從小到紀實文學 - 於香港土生土長的許素細會攜同兩本近作與讀者會面,其中包括她的回憶錄《Dear Hong Kong》,記載致送香港的一篇篇雁素魚箋。

香港故事 - 在日落西山之時排排坐收聽現場講故環節,從這些口耳相傳的故事中,一覽在此城不同角落生活打拼的人物韻事。

香港筆會:香港20/20 - 講者將會誦讀這本具備前瞻性,結合散文、詩篇、小說與藝術作品的選集,見證香港政權移交二十週年的苦與樂。

到訪作家名單:Jade Chang、張戎、Duncan Clark、 Carol Ann Duffy、 Jonathan Fenby、 Claire Fuller、Anders Hansson、 Joshua Ip、 張彥、川上弘美、 Zohab Khan、 Min Jin Lee、劉宇昆、 Bonnie McDougall、 Helen Mort、 Adam O’Riordan、伊恩·藍欽、 John Sampson、 Kamila Shamsie、譚恩美、 鄧敏靈、 Michelle Vosper、 Ruth Ware、 Aura Xilonen、橫山秀夫、張麗佳

本地參與嘉賓名單:Zoher Abdoolcarim、Jamil Anderlini、Bidisha Banerjee、Ben Bland、Alfie Bown、Jennifer Brindisi、Mary Jean Chan、Antony Dapiran、Benjamin Haas、Genevieve Hilton、陳浩基、董啟章、何少韻、Melanie Ho、何麗明、Sreedhevi Iyer、Linda Kennedy、Frida Khan、Natasha Khan、林舜玲、Jason Lee、梁研、Victor Mallet、中野嘉子、Collier Nogues、Michael O’Sullivan、邱林川、Blair Reeve、Keith Richburg、Emily Ridge、Kate Rogers、Ilaria Maria Sala、宋子江、譚劍、 譚兆民 、 Jessica Valdez、Stephen Vines、Simon Westcott、Kate Whitehead、黃裕邦、許素細、阮志雄

文學節活動場地:美國會-中環會所、 中國會、 香港醫學博物館、藝穗會、 裸心社、 Pomegranate Kitchen、上環文娛中心、Social Room、香港大學




如有查詢,歡迎致電(852) 2877 9770 或電郵至








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