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Annual Fund

Patron ($50, 000 or above) Ray Eugene Helfer Jr. and Sara Ann Helfer

Connoisseur ($10, 000 or above) Anjali Nihalchand, Simon Westcott

Collector ($5,000 or above) Cynthia Bear, Edward Farrell, Julia Hung,  Martha Keswick, Martin Matsui, Rachel Farrell, Robyn Meredith, Stephen Lo

Bookworm ($1000 or above)  Cecilia Tsim, Cori Lable, Dagmar Baeuerle, Joanna Fung, Kenneth Fung, Nancy Lui

Reader ($500 or above) Janana Suleymanli 

Supporter ($100 or above)  


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The 17th HKILF will take place from 3 - 12 November 2017.

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