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Patron ($50,000 or above) Ray Eugene Helfer Jr. and Sara Ann Helfer

Connoisseur ($10,000 or above) Winnie Ng, Vivian Leigh, Jennie and Ivor Orchard, Christine May Yee Van

Collector ($5000 or above) Anonymous, Rachel and Edward Farrell, Julia Hung, Gabriela and Peter Kennedy, Martha Keswick, Stephen Lo, Martin Matsui, Robyn Meredith, The Mowat Family, Margaret Van

Bookworm ($1000 or above)  Dagmar Baeuerle, Diana David, Vici Egan, Joanna Fung, Kenneth Fung, Winnie Fung, Nicolette Jaeger, The Jejes, Cori Lable, Noor Liza, Nancy Lui, Erica Lyons, Christopher Munn, Fiona Phillips, Roseann Rife, Cecilia Tsim

Reader ($500 or above) Carolyn Bickerton, Rebecca Brosnan, Suresh Gobindram Makhijani, Janana Suleymanli

Supporter ($100 or above) Guy Freeman, Timothy A. O’Connell


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